DavorCoin Lending Platform | Paying up to 48% monthly interest!

DavorCoin is a popular growing digital cryptocurrency, created through complex mathematical computations, and used by millions of users through blockchain technology. DavorCoin strives to be the best on the market, an alternative to the more popular coins such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. Like any other cryptocurrency you have total control and it can be stored on your computer drive, smartphone, hardware wallet, or through cloudbased solutions. Owning DavorCoins (DAV) is like owning physical gold coins or money. They gain value through tradings on cryptocurrency exchanges, like the stockmarket. The higher the demand is, the more valuable the coin become.

DavorCoin is created by bankers and traders from major financial areas in the EU, such as London and Paris. The people behind DavorCoin draw experience from work with hedge funds and investment banks. The future of the platform is looking very bright with plans to enter the physical market, enabling the purchase of goods and services.

How does DavorCoin make money?

The team behind DavorCoin has developed an arbitrage trading bot. Arbitrage trading is a well known trading strategy which basically resorts to buying an asset in one market and simultaneously selling it in another market at a higher price. The profit is generated from a temporary difference in prices, which is considered riskless profit. The number of cryptocurrencies and exchanges are growing each day and the possibilities for arbitrage trading grows with it making DavorCoin´s business strategy very viable long term. For business security reasons DavorCoin has not disclosed which exchanges and cryptocurrencies they are trading on.

How DavorCoin holders make money?

In order for you to become a DavorCoin holder and take benefit from the platform, You first need to register an account. This is an easy step and all you need is your email, some bitcoins and you are ready to earn. Using their internal exchange you can buy DavorCoins (DAV) and now you have several options for profit, which are explained in details below.

DAV Lending Program

With DavorCoins in your account you are able to profit from the lending program, which is divided into 5 tiers. The tiers are determined by how much capital you invest in the system, the more you invest the better your loan becomes. Not only will your daily interest increase with each tier, but you will also get your capital back sooner. A new feature, which is exclusive to DavorCoin, is the optional capital lock boost giving you the option for extra daily interest bonus. The full details of the lending platform can be seen below and try the profit calculator to help you determine the best loan for you.

Optional capital lock boost: +30 days: 0,02% | +60 days: 0,05% | +120 days: 0,1%

DavorCoin Profit CalculatorDAV Staking

Basicly staking means anyone holding DavorCoins in their wallet, will receive interest on their balance in return for helping maintain security of the network. This is based on the Proof-of-Stake (PoS) mechanism, which happens with a miner locking up an amount of their coins in their wallet to verify a block of transactions. Staking is a great option if you want to hold on to your DAV for long term and generate some additional interest doing so. DavorCoin offers two options for staking, the original way is to download the wallet for storage on your computer, which works best with a lot of coins. The second option is to lock up some DAV in the staking pool on their website and get interest paid 2 times a day, this works best with smaller amounts of DAV.

DAV Trading

Davorcoin have an internal exchange which allows members to buy and sell DavorCoins directly to and from each other. Using the internal exchange platform, you can exchange DAV into bitcoins directly with no central organization involved. This opens up the option for trading which can be highly profitable depending on price fluxuations. Of course you always want to buy when the price is low and sell when it´s high, opening up the option for buying in again when the price dips. Below is a screenshot of the internal exchange and as you can see, there is plenty of options for trading with a profit.

DavorCoin is also listed on one external exchange which is CoinExchange, opening up for trading DAV without being a member of the Davorcoin platform.

Affiliate Program

DavorCoin offers one of the most generous affiliate programs available in the industry, focussing on building and maintaining a true partnership with promoters and leaders and improve mutual success. To participate in the affiliate program, simply refer friends, family member or colleagues by sending them your personal referral code. Once they sign up, they are on your referral list and they can start inviting others into the program which you also will benefit from. The affiliate program is divided into 5 tiers as seen below.

davorcoinRoad Map

DavorCoin initially started in December 2016 and have been following through on all their milestones on the roadmap. The team is dedicated and have proven themselves throughout the year by fixing minor bugs and improving their platform. DavorCoin is simply crushing the competition and 2018 will be even better!


DavorCoin Roadmap 2018Why Choose DavorCoin?

DavorCoin is not the only lending platform available, actually they are popping up left and right, but where others have failed horribly, DavorCoin emerges as a true leader. This was abundantly clear during their ICO phase, which has been the best one to date, mostly because they were prepared for the huge amount of traffic comming into their platform. Server downtime is horrible and seen more often than not during an ICO, but DavorCoin was online for every stage in the ICO and sold out in minutes because of their well planned marketing. Even to this date there have not been an unplanned server downtime, further strengthening the trust in the platform.

The team has implemented many updates and tweaks since the launch, clearly learning from the needs of their investers. An example of this was an addition to their staking wallet system, which they later improved by adding a staking pool through their online platform. This granted investers with fewer DAV coins the opportunity to get daily returns, as the original software staking wallet was primarily tageting people with large amounts of coin.

The daily gains from their lending program is unparalleled with the possibillity of earning up to 48% monthly interest. Furthermore, they’ve implemented a unique feature to the platform with the optional capital lock boost, which means that you get additional percentages added on top. This is great for smaller loans below 1001$, which doesn´t get any daily interest bonus.

Unlike many other lending platforms, the team behind DavorCoin is very active on social media. They do an outstanding job of always keeping their investors informed about future improvements and delivering on said dates. Of course they also offer great support through their ticket system if you have questions.

To boil it down in a few words DavorCoin is an investment platform with amazing daily interest rates you can take to the bank. Davor shows no signs of slowing down and the value of DAV have been on the rise ever since the opening of their internal exchange. With more people comming on board the platform every day the demand for the DavorCoin will only increase.

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