6 reasons why blogger outreach services are essential in 2016

Blogger outreach services have long since formed an essential element of digital marketing; yet it seems that there are increasing, and rather misguided, rumours that continue to swirl about the worth of outreach in the modern age of digital making.
In a bid to enlighten, and to truly establish just why it is that outreach marketing is as vital today as it ever has been, here we provide six rock solid reasons why this is a medium that you should be investing in.

1. Even today, the number of consumers online is growing at exponential rates

It’s barely comprehensible that a mere 15 years ago the internet was an incredibly crude and unconnected world; and today it’s all too easy to assume that everyone is already online. Yet day after day there are burgeoning numbers of potential customers who join the online community, which has risen from over 2 billion worldwide as of 2010, to 3 billion worldwide a mere four years later in 2014 (Internet Live Stats 2015).

What’s more some groups of online consumers are becoming ever more ready and willing to purchase then and there, with Smartphone shoppers as the perfect example – who convert 160% more often when upon site responsively (Internet Retailer 2014).
With the right strategy there is rich pickings for those who outreach effectively, where markets of consumers continues to expand and where such consumers become all the happier to go ahead with online purchases.

2. Want new readers for your blog? Then you NEED to invest in blogger outreach services. No ifs, no buts.

Day by day the number of blogs continues to expand rapidly, and today there are, on average, a staggering 2 million blog posts written each and every day (Marketing Profs 2015); and all of this is despite many nay-sayers arguing that the blog-o-sphere has become a redundant one.
Blogger outreach remains the most effective way of traversing what can be an incredibly complex and challenging world of blogs, gaining traction for your blog and delivering traffic from carefully researched, vetted and chosen websites.

3. It’s (still) vital for SEO

“Link juice is dead”, I hear you cry; “Google has done away with weights upon in-bound links”, I see some claim – when in fact, neither could be further from the truth.
The shakeup in recent years by Google has been the result of efforts to degrade those indulging in black hat link building (or spamming, as you likely know it). Links ARE still important and always will be as long as the internet is a mass of link connected websites.

4. It gains you the most valuable visitor of all – the Organic visitor

Organic visitors, who arrive upon your page as a direct result of a well-placed blog elsewhere, are significantly more valuable than those who arrive from organic or PPC search engine placements. They are already within the conversion process, and have committed their time to hear further about what you have to say or what you have to sell. These organic visitors truly are ripe for the picking.

5. You make serious ground by being advocated for by someone you target market already trusts

Blogger outreach is powerful stuff when it comes to trust and there may be no more effective a marketing tool than that of the advocacy of someone who your target consumer already knows and trusts.

6. And finally… Content was, is, and always will be king

The world has changed irrevocably since the explosion of social media networks over a decade ago, yet despite this the King’s grasp upon the throne that is SEO is as unshakable today as it ever has been.

Yes, Social Metrics are of increasing importance, but this isn’t a matter of which is better nor where you should focus your efforts. Rather it’s a further metric that should be worked into your outreach strategy.