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Biography of Cryptocurrency Trader


ReSEOlve Founder- Born in UK living in Spain
ReSEOlve to Optimise your Goals and Ambitions.

I am currently looking people to join my team I am  offering an education in Cryptocurrency and a opportunity to learn about investing or the business side of it  I go the extra mile to work closely with my Team working with them closely, I want to get to know your dreams your Goals to be able to help you, This way, I can better understand your desires as well as your objectives so I can see whether I can help you and we are a good fit.

Let Me Help you.

I have gained a wealth of knowledge and experience specialising in Affiliate and On-Line and Digital Marketing across a wide range of  industry sectors. These include Medical, Engineering, Construction, Sales, IT and the Care industry before I finally found my niche as  Entrepreneur and founded ReSEOlve With my vast background and experience in Online marketing I have decided to now dedicate this website to the future of payments Crypto-currency.

Capitalising on the benefit of my experience, I saw an opportunity and set about changing  ReSEOlve with passion and determination to share the exciting growth of crypto-currency  Onecoin / Onelife

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