Effective Online Marketing Strategies


Effective Online Marketing Strategies for your Business


What is effective online marketing strategies? it is like a funny dance; if it catches on then everybody is doing it. This is why your best strategy is to make up your own strategies and test them repeatedly until you have refined them. Then all you need to do is keep your strategy secret for as long as you can. However, doing that will take time, and meanwhile you are not making very much impact online. So here are five methods you can try whilst you are refining your own marketing strategies for Online Marketing For Local Business.


1 – The Affiliate Test and Apply Method


All you need to do is test your marketing strategy via small, controlled and monitored affiliate advert tests. The principal is nothing more than trial and error marketing that you learn in college. Except for that affiliate adverts allow you to control a lot of the elements of your marketing campaign, such as what demographics you appeal to, when your adverts appear, what is on your adverts, how your advert is worded, what keywords power your adverts, etc.

Through testing all of the elements of your marketing campaign, you can tweak them to make them better and more efficient. You can tweak each element at a time and then put them together for your bigger marketing efforts. All of this can be done via small and inexpensive tests.


2 – Saturation Coverage


This involves getting your name out there in a big way. Firstly, you need to establish a brand online, and add a few brand principals and a logo. You then need to start spreading your brand by any means possible. This means using all of the tools that the Internet has to offer, from affiliate advertising to social media marketing. You do not support or maintain just one avenue of advertising. For example, many people concentrate on their websites SEO in order to get their website listed higher on search engine results. With saturation marketing–every avenue matters as much as the other. You should link from blogs to Social Media to websites to guest posts, etc. Do not just focus all of your links and efforts into one website.


3 – Socially Fuelled Marketing


This is where you use social media to make your noise online. Your goal is not to gain direct marketing sales form social media. Your goal is to make yourself known and trusted on as many social media platforms as you can handle. Your goal is to have your name and brand trusted on social media, to the point where if people stumbled across your website, they would be curious enough to enter it. For example, the “Onion” web series has posted almost every episode of their high quality comedy onto YouTube. They are now very well known on YouTube, to the point where many of their regular viewers do not even know they have a website. You can achieve similar success and then use the goodwill of your viewers for your own personal gain.


4 – Multiple Mention Online Marketing


The aim of this method is actually a form of search engine manipulation. Your task is twofold; you must first convince people to Google your products or business. You must then ensure that the search engine results show at least half a page of results that you control. For example, the first page link may be your website, the second may be your blog, the third your Facebook profile, etc.


5 – Direct Online Marketing


This involves any means by which you can gain a direct sale. Some people start up an email campaign and try to sell to people direct from their email messages. Others send email messages to get people onto their ecommerce website. Some people upload their entire stock list onto eBay or Amazon. Others direct sell via affiliate adverts. There are even people who set up a seemingly independent blog that they use to positively review their products–after which they offer the reader the chance to buy their products.


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