Your Online Marketing Goals!!


Football And Your Online Marketing Goals!!


There are a lot of similarities when you take the time to look at a football team and a web marketing agency. Goals are the same regardless of whether it is online marketing goals or the goal to win a game. By taking the time to understand football, it’s easier to become a better online marketer.

Even if you’re not into the game, you can use a few of the tactics to help you out. Football is not just about two teams of 11 guys kicking the ball around and hitting it with their heads. Any coach would yell at you up and down for even calling it such. Rather, it’s about bringing an art form out onto the field and using a bit of creative genius to make it happen.

Not convinced? Ask to see the inside of a playbook and you will find that there is a significant amount of creativity – and this must all be combined with organization, rules, and respect for the roles that everyone has on the field.

The Roles of the Players

In football, there are three main zones that are played:

– Defense (which includes the goal keeper)

– Midfield

– Attackers

The defense will be the foundation of any winning footie team and this must be remembered. The British, the Spanish, the Italians…they all have a different way of looking at football. The reality is that winning a match involves receiving fewer goals than the opposing team.

When it comes to building a web marketing agency, the defense needs to consist of IT and development.

There is absolutely no point to having brilliant marketing ideas or great SEO tactics if the architecture of the website is not covered. For example, if the technical side, such as the server response and the frame development, is poor, then there is absolutely no reason to go on. You might have a little bit of short-term success, but in the end, you are going to become obsolete by your competitors because they have the defense that you don’t.

The first step to web marketing is to get the perfect website created – and this includes all of the technical aspects.

The same goes for football. You have a winning defense and you can plan a winning strategy without worrying about whether there will be any problems with your team being able to carry you to victory. When it comes to the online marketing goals, you can’t win unless you have your tech issues sorted out.

Now look at the midfield. The team that owns it wins the match.

While some will argue that it’s the attackers that wins the match, it’s really the midfield players because this is where the bulk of the game is carried out. The teams with the better midfield organization are the ones to go on and win leagues.

The SEO team is going to be the midfield when it comes to building a web marketing agency. The SEO guys are the ones that know what moves to make in order to get the top ranking positions and stay there – thus winning the goal or beating out the competition. This is all about strategizing and determining how to attack when the competition suddenly becomes the top rank for a specific keyword. The page optimization and link building strategies can be viewed as the passing that will ultimately release the strikers.

Then there’s the attack – and you have to score more than the other team. The striker is there to score the goals and you want as many as you can get. These are the ones that are paid higher than anyone else and are the most beloved of the football teams.

Who are the strikers when it comes to web marketing agencies? Those would be the people providing content, including the bloggers. They are the ones that are creating the bait for people to sink their teeth into. They are also the ones creating the tools and the widgets to give your website some meet. It’s also the social media writers who are giving you a voice in the social communities of the internet. These are the people who are working in front of the scenes and giving your website and your company a face.

While these guys may be the face of the company, none of it is possible without a great midfield and without the basic defense. Making goals will be useless because you won’t win a league without them. The best you can hope for is a few games of luck – and that’s not why you’re in the game. You want to win the league and that’s why you need to develop the whole team.

Remember that there’s also the trainer backstage…

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There’s not a single football team that can go anywhere without a trainer (or a manager or a coach depending on where you’re from). Without that guy, everyone would just be a group of good guys and at that point, they might as well be the amateurs playing footie in any park.

The manager is the guy pulling the trigger, calling the shots, and creating all of the main strategies. The players won’t know what plays to run without the manager and this is where this person must be at the top of their game.

When web marketing is looked at, it’s the VP of Web Marketing that runs the shots.

Finally, there are the fans. Football wouldn’t be what it is today without the fans. The force and the passion of the fans can be expressed by their chants, their choreography and their general love of the game. They are the ones providing confidence to the teams to get them out on the fields to win.

The fans like their teams a certain way. If the team dynamic changes, the fans can turn against them and make them weaker. These rules are the same for marketing. Web marketing agencies must listen to the consumers. Consumers will speak up if they don’t like something and it can hurt the overall product if changes aren’t made.

There are rules in the game of football and unfortunately everyone has to follow them. No one really likes the rules, but it’s designed to keep the game interesting and played fairly. And it’s the poor referee’s job to call the penalties. The ref for the world of web marketing would be Google’s spam team – and the spam team from every other search engine.

Whether you like football or not, you can’t ignore the similarities. When you break down online marketing goals to be more like the game of football, more games can be won and you will be feeling Glad All Over!

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