Google Becomes More Human: Effects of Hummingbird to SEO in South London

What is the first thing that comes to mind when somebody tells you how computers are becoming more ‘human’? No, this isn’t about some sentient robot apocalypse. Rather a search engine algorithm that helps you find answers to your question. Not just by dissecting each word you type into the search bar, but by actually delivering results based on the ‘semantic meaning’ of your query. Indeed, Google’s new Hummingbird algorithm just might revolutionize link building strategies forever.

Some Background

The Hummingbird algorithm was announced on Google’s 15th Anniversary, garnering mixed emotions of excitement and concern for SEO providers like ReSEOlve and others worldwide. Essentially, it is aimed towards a more natural search capability, being equipped with a vast understanding of the human language, more than just a search based on a collection of words.

Content Remains King

Content development has always been the key factor in the success of the SEO industry, and Hummingbird promises to deliver even more focus on this aspect in its system. One major change though, is that there will be much more focus on quality rather than quantity this time. Hopefully, it will severely cut the unfair practices of Black Hat SEO.

Quality Based-Revolution

The improvement of quality-geared searches also means that Hummingbird takes away some focus on keyword-based searches. This nevertheless remains an important aspect of SEO. Here are some words on this revolution, according to an article by the Daily Deal Media:

Hummingbird changes from a focus on keywords to a focus on the overall meaning behind the query (the semantic meaning) and then finds the content that best answers the question or inquiry. Therefore, content isn’t about fitting a certain keyword schema and a certain amount of backlinks to get your rank and authority up anymore. Now search engine optimization is about how well your content functions as an answer to the user’s query.

This is a great plus for small business owners, who have always had problems with larger competitors that hire Black Hat SEO, to create essentially unreadable content with equally pointless backlinks, and other such schemes. Now even a small business, with the help of a reliable SEO company in South London, can soar like the humble hummingbird, just by delivering excellent quality content.

(Article Excerpt and Image from Google Hummingbird: How It’s Revolutionizing Content Development In The Legal Industry,, November 12, 2013)

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