How To Start a Blog and Make Money Now!

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How to Start a Blog and Make Money

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What is a blog?


A lot of people have an idea of what is or isn’t a “blog”, but essentially “blogs” are just nice content management tools that allow you to add content to your site really easily. Actually, it’s just about as easy as sending an email — you just fire up your blogging tool, write your content and submit it, and it will appear on your site. Your posts will be automatically linked to your other pages, and pretty search engine friendly.

The key thing that distinguishes a blog from a “regular” site is that regular sites are just built and then left alone. They remain static. Blogs, on the other hand, are constantly updated.

Dave’s opinion is that blogs are more likely to help “quality” affiliates as opposed to “quantity” affiliates. That is — affiliates who are affiliated with just a few carefully selected products that they honestly regard as being good value, as opposed to affiliates who affiliate with everything and hope something happens. Blogs are useful for developing an authentic dialogue with your community,

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