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Welcome to the brave new world of digital money

cryptocurrency – A 30 Second Overview

cryptocurrency are a currency that exists completely online – of which there are numerous. Digital currencies are all recorded through ledger accounts and transactions are made between peers, free from the need of institutions such as banks. Each cryptocurrency systems has verification and encryption all built in.

In the simplest sense, this is what cryptocurrency are


This is why the world has been shaken by Digital currency…

And why so many people are choosing to be educated in it.
What you likely really want to know is why so many people are investing in cryptocurrency. The answer to this question lies in the fact that crypto is just like any other – it has a value that’s determined by a market. Just as the US dollar or UK pound can rise and fall, so too can any Digitalcurrency.

There are many compelling benefits for using and trading crypto, here’s a brief overview of each:

1. Cryptocurrency is decentralized

Unlike any traditional currency, it is decentralised, which means that it’s the holder of the money who controls it – not banks, not any other institution.

2. Crypto provides bank-less regions with an alternative

More than 40% of the world’s population live in regions without banks and financial institutions – ultimately, this means that these regions are unable to undertake simple tasks, such as online payments. Cryptocurrency opens up a new world to these areas – and is predicted to lead to growth and prosperity in previously impoverished regions.

3. Significant payments can be made free from delay

These include payments such as those made for real estate, where traditional money would have to pass via many holders to reach the end user – including solicitors and banks. These payments also benefit from being fee free.

4. You own your currency, and you control it

Banks and alternative transaction websites such as PayPal always maintain the ability to freeze your assets for any number of reasons (we need only look to such account’s terms and conditions to see the extent of caveats). Digital-currency, in comparison, is completely controlled by you, with no risk at all of a company removing or withholding your balance.

5. Crypto money has experienced incredible rises in value since its conception

You’re probably here due to one reason – you’ve read, seen and heard all about the amazing rises in value experienced by crypto-currencies around the world. From 2007 onwards, financial markets around the world were shook by a crisis that led to worldwide job losses, governmental deficits and business bankruptcies, all whilst crypto-currencies only rose in the value. Today, these currencies are still experiencing steady growth – with many foreseeing this as the true future of payments