Link Building Advice

Link Building Advice and Tips how to Earn Links in 2016

*Build relationships not links, Link building has become a proven way of generating leads and forming relationships. By implementing link building strategies into one's website, a company is able to gain popularity, Authority and more exposure.

* If you want your business to grow online and be sustainable for many years to come, take the time to invest in legitimate link building and promotion techniques and focus on making your website one that deserves links.

* Links are just the by-products of doing good marketing and public relations.

* Building relationships with influence's, media outlets, people at events, and reporters is just simply doing good PR.
And doing good PR leads to links that are 100% natural and authoritative as a result without needing to think about links directly.

* networking events/ trade shows / conferences it's not all about online, get out there and meet people face to face.

* Analytical skills / Technical Skills Learn basic html and excel and office applications.

* Hustle attitude / negotiating skills

* Creativity with content creation / Focus Brand building not link building.

* Links are essentially just the natural by-products of increasing the awareness of a website / company /  a product in a way that excites people enough to want to spread the word about you. Do that, and the links will come or alternatively hire my blogger outreach service to do it all for you.

* start local with suppliers and people you already work with. These people may well be quite keen to link to you

* Raise awareness of your company / product / website in a way that encourages others to spread the word about you

* wise words from Eric ward “I don’t like any linking strategy that can be packaged and sold like eggs. Eggs break.”
If you rely on Google for all of your traffic and Google makes a change that pushes you out of the rankings that will put you out of business in a hurry".


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