Questions about SEO in Spain: Keeping Up with Panda and Penguin

Search engine optimization is undoubtedly one of the most efficient means of online marketing. It allows your prospective clients to visit your website by giving it a high ranking in search engines like Google. This way, anyone who happens to key in a word or phrase relating to your product or service will be able to see your site in the first few results pages. If you want to hire an SEO in Spain consultant, you should be aware of a few SEO practices to determine a company’s capabilities.

Google Algorithm Updates

Your SEO company should know a thing or two about the Panda and Penguin Google algorithm updates to make sure that your SEO efforts are always up-to-date. However, always remember that these two aren’t the only updates that they should be familiar with. Your preferred SEO company should also be well-versed in 7 Result SERPs, DMCA Penalties, Knowledge Graph, and many others.

On Penalties

In line with this, your SEO provider also needs to know the penalties that each update gives. It’s important for your provider to know the actual cause of a possible penalty so you can avoid the issue in the future.

Social Media Integration

According to an article by the Search Engine Journal, your SEO provider should know how to employ social media optimization and should understand how to:

  • Build influential relationships using social media
  • Produce content that is social media friendly
  • Expose content via social networks
  • Encourage sharing activity without being pushy
  • Convert social subscribers to email subscribers and eventually customers

Tool Use

Make sure that your SEO provider is using white hat techniques instead of black hat, which is deemed an unfair practice and thus banned by Google. In other words, their SEO tools should be geared not around automatic link building and content creation, but rather on quality content geared towards the needs of your target market

When looking for a dependable link earning relationship consultant like Steve Robinson at ReSEOlve, always make sure that the company is capable of making effective SEO  custom packages for your website or business to get a good ranking in the search engines and other forms of diversity.