The 5 Key Strategies


High End Clients The 5 Key Strategies of Attracting Them.


Do you seek high end clients then read on.What kind of clients do you find your business attracting? Do you repeatedly find yourself dealing with the ones who bring with them nothing but drama and criticism but still expect a discount? Or do you have dream clients who come back to you repeatedly and who recognise the value of your work so pay top rate?

If you deal with the former but want to entice the latter, here are the 5 key strategies of attracting high end clients.


1. Offer a High End Product


Make sure that you’ve spent the time and energy necessary to offer a service that truly is the best you can provide and explore all the ways you can bring extra value to what you do. With a little attention to detail, it doesn’t take much to elevate your work to the next level. High end clients like bespoke products and services that save them time and money while bringing them that ‘especially for you’ feeling.


2. Don’t Neglect Customer Service


Good customer service costs nothing and adds immeasurable value. That extra personal touch makes all the difference and if you’ve taken time to develop a rapport, this builds your reputation as a high end service provider.


3. Convey a Consistent Message


Every interaction with potential clients needs to stress that you provide a high end service. Your marketing strategies and materials all need to consistently say that you are providing a high quality service which pays strong attention to your customer’s unique requirements and comes with professional customer support.


4. Know Who your Ideal Client is and Target your Efforts at them – and Only Them


When you are planning your marketing strategy, have a very clear idea who your ideal client is. Have you performed your market research and made sure that your target market wants what you’re offering? Aim towards those who will see the value in what you have to offer and don’t waste your time on those who won’t.


5. Put your Prices Up


It might seem like a strange thing to do, but if your prices are too low, it doesn’t matter how amazing your quality is, you will not attract the high end clients you desire. Price reflects value and if your fees are bargain basement, then you’ll only deal with customers looking for bargains.

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