The Art of SEO and the Science

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The Art Of SEO And The Science


What is the art of SEO?


The artistic aspect of SEO for better search engine placement requires dynamic creativity and intuition.The search engine algorithms are too complex to reverse-engineer every aspect of them. The scientific aspect involves challenging assumptions, testing hypotheses, making observations, drawing conclusions, and achieving reproducible results for online visibility. These two ways of thinking will remain a requirement as SEO evolves into the future.

What is coming in the world of technology, and in particular, search. Although the past decade has seen an enormous amount of change the reality is that is has simply been the tip of the iceberg. There’s a lot more change to come, and at an ever-increasing exponential rate. If the law of accelerating returns holds, we’re in for a wild ride for Marketing Online SEO.

In this fast-moving industry, the successful SEO professional has to play the role of early adopter. The early adopter is always trying new things -tools, tactics, approaches, processes, technologies- to keep pace with the ever-evolving engines. At the other end of the adoption curve are the laggards. Every industry has its laggards. In SEO, the laggards are still touting the benefits of meta keywords to their customers.

It is not enough to adapt to change. You will need to embrace it, to evangelize it. Many in your or your clients organization may fear change, and steering them through these turbulent waters will require strong leadership. Thus, The art of SEO successful professionals also have to play the role of change agent.

The need for organizations to find new customers will not diminish anytime soon, and neither will the need for searchable, web-based, and instantaneous access to information, products and services. This ability-to connect the seeker with the provider- is perhaps the most valuable skill set on the web today.

And although there is the possibility that the search engines could eventually be called decision, dilemma or even desire engines, the absolute need for the understanding of and interactions between both the psychological and the technological natures of search will ensure that SEO as a discipline , and SEO professionals, and the The art of Search Engine Optimisation is here to stay.

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