What is Inbound Marketing?


What is Inbound Marketing?


So you have heard of Outbound marketing? So what is Inbound marketing well it is the process of attracting existing and potential customers to your company via online tools such as social media marketing, podcasts, eBooks, blogs, SEO, calls-to-action, etc. Conversely, outbound marketing brings awareness to those customers by approaching them with tools such as cold-calling, direct mail, TV and radio advertisements, etc.Inbound marketing is said to consist of five, distinct stages:


  • Attract new traffic
  • Convert new traffic into regular visitors
  • Convert visitors into sales
  • Convert those sales into repeat business
  • On going analysis for continuous improvement


A number of tools are utilised throughout these stages. Some techniques, such as email, are useful across the board; others are more applicable at different points of the process.

Inbound marketing has increasingly been seen as the most effective marketing method available to companies. Rather than advertising and direct promotions, which only provide a small return on investment, inbound marketing employs a strategy of providing quality content on an on going basis to attract its target market and keep customers continually engaged and returning. By focusing on customers who have an existing interest in any given product, companies are able to attract traffic on a consistent basis, providing endless opportunities to convert visitors into sales and repeat business.

Inbound marketing doesn’t only aim to attract the right kind of audience, but needs to appeal to that audience in such a manner that they become willing promoters themselves of the company and products

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