Things you must know about Digital Marketing Consultants

Why not all Digital Marketing Consultants are the Same

Some businesses treat choosing a digital marketing consultant in the same way as they treat buying a pint of milk. They seem to assume that there is no real difference between getting their marketing strategy from one outlet or another, except perhaps in price. Unfortunately, this isn't just untrue but quite the opposite of the truth. The digital marketing industry is more like the building trade; there are some real cowboys put together, and fixing up their shoddy work can be more expensive than choosing someone reliable in the first place.

The Dangers

There are two main dangers of choosing the wrong digital marketing consultant. The first is that they simply won't know what they are doing, yet will be convinced that they do. This problem seems to especially plague the SEO market. A good SEO strategy can transform a company's fortunes, but there are many self-styled “experts” and “professionals” who seem to have based their career on ten minutes reading SEO tutorials that are outdated or just plain wrong. Examples include either stuffing a page with keywords or starving it of keyword content because they've found out about keyword stuffing and panicked, or building thousands and thousands of links from worthless sources like forum profiles.

The other danger also comes largely from the less reputable members of the search marketing profession. Specifically, it comes from those who use techniques that do work, but only by cheating the system. In the industry, these are known as “black hat,” whereas good techniques are called “white hat.” Sometimes a third term, “grey hat,” is used to refer to techniques that tread a precarious line between the two. Black hat techniques will often get results, and these results might seem spectacular at first, but the problem is that search engines tend to be pretty good at catching on to the latest ways people have found to cheat the system. When they do, they often not only close the gaps, undoing those great early results, but issue penalties so that your SEO strategy actually starts to harm your rankings. This can be very difficult to bounce back from.

Staying Safe

So in a world so filled with traps and pitfalls, how can you be sure that you choose a digital marketing consultant who will actually help your business succeed? Well the first step is to avoid anyone making any of the following claims, which are sure indicators of someone who doesn't know what they're talking about, uses black hat techniques, or is an outright liar:


Guaranteeing top search engine rankings, especially within a very short time period.

Promising several thousand links in a short space of time.

Offering huge, suspiciously specific guarantees of how much traffic your site will get.

Other than that, it's just a matter of looking for businesses with an air of professionalism, who make only balanced and realistic claims. At, we use only reliable, white-hat techniques based on the latest best practices to ensure we deliver value for your business in both the short and long term.